Green Cast Glass Sunflower and Sterling Necklace



Casting molten glass in steel impression dies has occupied my time a lot in the studio lately.    I am fascinated by the play of light when the back is left open under the glass cab allowing the room or sun light to reflect under the glass!

I use a torch, steel mandrel, and glass rod to melt the cold glass into a molten blob on the mandrel red hot at about 1500 degrees, then cool it in a fiber blanket.  The next step is to anneal the glass in a kiln at ramped temperatures up to 900 degrees to strengthen the cab for setting into a piece of jewelry.  The back is polished and any extra glass is removed in a special glass grinder.  Then the design for the piece is then drawn out on paper and refined to best enhance the glass cab.

The sterling silver hand-cut backing sets off this beautiful cast and annealed sunflower perfectly!  A hand-sawn opening in the sterling silver under the sunflower is created for the light to further enhance the play of light.  The green cast sunflower is then securely held to the top layer with a sterling silver castellated (sectioned) bezel.  Two hand-cut and formed sterling leaves complete the presentation.