Chasing My Shadow, Working with Watercolor Enamels ~ A FACEBOOK WORKSHOP ~ Includes KIT WITH Watercolor Enamels


CHASING MY SHADOW, Working with Watercolor Enamels! ~ A FACEBOOK WORKSHOP

This listing includes the kit WITH the watercolor enamels.

Announcing a brand new 90 day Facebook workshop, “CHASING MY SHADOW, Working with Watercolor Enamels” taught by April Wengren and Jean Van Brederode.  Learn all the basics of using enamel-bearing watercolors to make extraordinary creations!

*** TWO options are available – One ($125) will include access to the video for 90 days plus materials for making the two enameled butterfly pendants AND a set of water color enamels.  The other ($95) includes everything in the $125 kit except the water colors.

CHASING MY SHADOW – A Facebook Workshop with a FREE KIT shipped to you at no extra charge plus admission to a private Facebook group with complete instructional video.  No soldering, minimal few tools needed, and an easy project with great results!  You’ll LOVE creating and wearing this necklace with a spare for gift-giving!