ADHESIVE PUTTY (blue stik)



Reusable, removable blue adhesive putty that replaces tape, tacks, staples and magnets. No more holes in walls, and no more chipped, peeled paint. Will secure nearly anything you can imagine to slick or hard surfaces including wood, tile, glass, concrete, porcelain, metal and painted surfaces. Use to fasten decorations, posters, notes and paintings. Can be used time and time again. Non-toxic.

commended by Mi Sook Hur for her Enamel Painting Workshops


This product is NOT TO BE USED with heat such as a torch or kiln.

NOT to be confused with BluStik adhesive which CAN be used with a torch or in a kiln to hold items to be included in an enameled surface such as millefiore glass or reflective glass beads.